Script Monitor

Real-time Solutions to Prevent Long-term Problems

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor takes a proactive approach when medications are flagged at the point-of-sale. Mitchell ScriptAdvisor’s Pharmacist worked with our developers to design and maintain a flexible clinical program that can adapt to the continually changing trends in the Workers’ Compensation industry.  Script Monitor is our customizable program which allows Mitchell ScriptAdvisor’s clinical pharmacists to evaluate claimant prescription patterns during the acute stage of the injury in an effort to help the adjusters and/or nurse case managers curb future treatment practices.

Communication is critical in this process; therefore predetermined medications will be immediately reviewed by our clinical pharmacists while our Customer Care Representatives provide the adjuster or nurse with detailed notifications regarding the claimant’s medication(s):

  • Utilization of High Risk Medications
  • Opioid Drug Duration over 90 days
  • DUR Conflicts
  • Dosage increases and Drug Regimen Review
  • Multiple Physician and Pharmacy Identifier
  • Generic Substitution: Dispensed as Written