Pharmacy Management

How we shape your savings.

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor is not just a processing center that contracts with pharmacies. Rather, your program is managed by expert pharmacists with years of experience. We also meet your needs with a network of nationwide pharmacies, door-to-door delivery and one-on-one service.

Generic medications are mandated and save an average of up to 55% over brand-name medications. In workers compensation, drug therapy constitute approximately 8% to 15% of paid medical benefits, so it is critical that this expense is monitored closely. We also offer a “first fill” program and customized formularies to help further reduce cost. Our on-call specialists answer the patient’s questions as needed.

All prescriptions are screened to ensure that:

Medications are prescribed only by authorized physicians
All prescribed medications are related to the injury
Medications adhere to the customized formularies
Premature refills or duplicates are not distributed
DUR edits check for drug to drug interactions

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