About Us

Workers compensation comes full circle.

PMOA, a PBM solution provider, is now a part of Mitchell ScriptAdvisor. Learn more about Mitchell here.

PMOA was founded in 1994 to provide the workers compensation industry with simplified cost-control solutions. Originally formed to provide pharmacy benefit management services and medical equipment, the company has grown and expanded to meet the needs of our clients. We now offer a full array of both pharmacy management as well as ancillary services.

We offer seamless service for the injured employee, the employer and the adjuster, including:

  • A complete spectrum of clinically based products and services
  • Comprehensive pharmacy benefit management system
  • Home delivery of all pharmaceutical and DME/supply needs
  • Long-term/catastrophic solutions
  • All calls answered in person–no automated answering service

We work tirelessly to provide the most efficient and hassle–free management services so that you can focus on other critical case issues. Workers compensation claims require one–on–one attention at the personal level and highly sophisticated management at the information level. Mitchell ScriptAdvisor helps deliver care to those who need it, while simultaneously diverting employers from costly waste and oversight.

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor currently serves hundreds of satisfied clients across the country, including employers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, managed care organizations, as well as local and state governments. We would be honored to include you among our satisfied customers.